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By-Elections: Differences Emerge Between PPP, PMLN Over Joint Candidates Issue

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Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) who had joined forces for the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) are now at odds over fielding of joint candidates for the by-elections. Express Tribune reported that both parties want their candidates to contest the polls. PMLN has already issued tickets to two candidates, Nousheen Iftakhar from NA-75 and Talat Manzoor Cheema from PP-51.

The PML-N had previously announced that contenders can only field for the seats that become vacant after either death of their party parliamentarian or where their candidates stood runners-up. Now both Punjab seats have fell vacant after the demise of PML-N parliamentarians, while at PK-69, the party maintained that its runners-up stood twice and claimed that it was their first right to field candidates.

However, PPP does not agree with this procedure and plans to contest elections on seats where it considers the chances of winning the by-polls. The party maintains that the formula for fielding joint candidates was not acceptable to them and needed to be re-evaluated. Further, the party is of the opinion that the plan was not even adhered to last time when applied by the PML-N.


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