‘Pakistan’s Economy Entering Recovery Phase’

‘Punjab CM Maryam Nawaz's initiative to recruit women in the police department and bring gender parity to 50% is great.’

‘Pakistan’s Economy Entering Recovery Phase’

Until a year and a half ago, many economists were saying that the country would default and the country’s situation would be like that of Sri Lanka, but the previous government and the caretaker government took many tough decisions, due to which the country’s economy has become a little more stable now. Foreign investment will not come immediately, as it is a time-taking process.

This was stated by Savail Hussain on Naya Daur TV’s program “Khabar Se Aagay.”

He said that the current account deficit, which had reached 19 billion, may be a billion or less in this financial year. Exports have increased slightly from last year, but textile exports have been declining for the past six months, he added.

He said that the rate of inflation has also decreased somewhat. “We can strengthen the economy if we make a clear export policy, reduce the government deficit, bring down inflation, ensure transparent privatization of enterprises, and revise the NFC award, he stressed.

Program Host Raza Rumi said that Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz's has announced that 50 percent of women will be recruited in the police department, which is a great initiative, but the majority of people are discussing on social media why she attended the ceremony in a police uniform. Such things are spread on social media just to divert attention from the real initiative, he added.