About Us

Naya Daur Media (NDM) is a bi-lingual progressive digital media platform aiming to inform and educate Pakistanis at home and abroad. NDM was launched with the generous support of a few motivated citizens and it largely remains a public-funded outlet.

Initially, NDM started as a Facebook platform. Later, we started our Youtube channel and in early 2018 we built this website in English and Urdu. We publish news and informed commentaries, reports, features and employ visual storytelling tools such as short videos, documentaries, infographics etc. Find us on Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

Given the shifting landscape of digital media and the growing number of Pakistanis online, Naya Daur Media has attempted to support and strengthen citizen voices and provide a platform to bloggers, v-loggers and reporters so that citizen journalism turns into a responsible and constructive branch of country’s media environment.

While Pakistan’s traditional media has grown over the years, the seemingly ‘vibrant media scene’ suffers from growing corporatization whereby large business groups have acquired most of private print and electronic media. These media houses, especially their television programming, has been co-opted by the country’s powerful political interests. We hope to challenge this peculiar environment and give citizens a voice to critique and question the mainstream media outlets and their subtle and sometimes deliberate attempts to promote the narratives of the powerful.

NDM is affiliated with Peace and Justice Network (PJN), a non-profit organization based is Islamabad, Pakistan. Overtime, we intend to become a citizen portal where the young Pakistanis (and those of Pakistani descent) find their voice and express themselves. 

Please support us through financial contributions.You can write to us at contribute@nayadaur.tv. It is difficult to manage a platform as we believe in paying our staff on time, unlike the mainstream media, and encourage young entrants to the field of journalism.