How to Find Someone's Name in a Picture?

How to Find Someone's Name in a Picture?
If you have come across or received an image of a person on social media or any other digital communication platform that you don't know anything about, then don't worry. We can help you find out the name and all other relevant information about the person in the picture.

You might have heard of the reverse image search technique. This is an AI-enhanced technology that can help you search by images instead of text. The reverse image search technique has become much more advanced over the past few years. Today, you can easily use photo search tools to recognize and find the details of the objects of an image.

If you want to know how to find out the name of a person from a picture, then we would suggest you read this post:

Tools to find out the name of a person by using their picture!

Here are some of the AI-enhanced and advanced tools that can help you recognize people on an image:

1.     Google Image Search

Google images search is a simple tool offered by the search engine. If you have never heard of Google images and haven't used them before, the steps listed below would surely help you find the person's name in the image. Google is the biggest search engine on the web, and it is only obvious that you can find details of any famous person with this search engine. The only question is how you can do it with an image. Read on the steps to know the answer:

  1. Open the search engine on your browser.

  2. Click on the 'image extension' that you would see on the main search page.

  3. The extension would be quite similar to the conventional search page except for the difference in the camera icon in the search bar.

  4. Use this camera icon to enter the image as input in the search bar.

  5. After completing the image input, you have to click on 'search by image.

The search engine would analyze your image input and would use AI to recognize the person in the image. Go through the results to find everything there is on the search engine!

2.     Reverse Image Search by is home to plenty of tools and the image search tool by this utility site is also considered to be a good option for finding the name of the person on an image. This free reverse image search tool is easy to use, and even a new user can learn how to find the name of a person by using an image with this image finder. If you still want to know about the working steps of this reverse image search tool, then follow the list below:

  1. Navigate to the reverse image search tool of on your browser.

  2. Go through the interface of the tool and see the different uploading options.

  3. Enter the image of the person in the tool through the upload box.

  4. After feeding input, click on the button that says 'search similar images.'

  5. Wait for results.

This reverse picture search tool would get you results in less than seconds from three different search engines. You can select and dig in the results that interest you the most. In the results, you would find similar images and relevant information about the contents of the image. Finding a person's name with an image is easy and secure by using third-party tools like this one!

3.     IBM Image Detection

IBM is another famous and intelligent platform that you can use for finding the name and details of a person on an image. Security agencies are using this customizable platform to find out about people on security cameras. IBM uses AI and other advanced image recognition algorithms, which help it analyze the contents of an image and scan them through the web. It will get you all the matched results in less than minutes. If you need a trustworthy tool that can get you the name of a person on the image, you should give IBM a fair shot!

4.     Amazon Rekognition

This is an image recognition tool offered by Amazon. This AI-based search tool can identify objects, text, different shapes, people, and even activities going on an image. This image search tool can also tell you about the unsafe and inappropriate content on an image. We have listed this tool on the top because it has a special feature that allows it to integrate facial details and compare them with its huge database. You can get a person's name on the image but can know all about him/her in a fraction of seconds with this tool. The best thing about Amazon Rekognition is that it keeps on updating its database with new images and other relevant content.

Using these tools and technologies can help you find the person's name on the image for free and without breaking a sweat!