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Zulfi Bukhari Says Price Of His Rs20 Crore Land Cruiser In Asset Declaration Notice Was A Typo

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Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on Oversees Pakistanis Zulfikar Bukhari has said that the price of his Rs20 Crore Land Cruiser in asset declaration notice was a ‘typing mistake’.

The SAPM, during an interview to journalist Shahzeb Khanzada, said it was very obvious that a Land Cruiser can never cost Rs20 crore and his car’s price in the asset declaration notice was a ‘typo’.

While talking about the actual price of his car, Zulfi Bukhari said that he purchased it for Rs2 crore, but in the said notice, an extra zero was mistakenly printed.

In the interview, the PM’s aide also confessed that he isn’t a tax filer in Pakistan. “All my tax returns will be filed in a coming week or two,” he said, when Shahzeb told him that he was supposed to register himself as a tax filer but he chose not to do so.

Moreover, while taking to media persons earlier on Monday, Zulfi Bukhari commented on the recent controversy of PM’s special assistants and their dual nationalities. He said that the old statement of Prime Minister Imran Khan on the dual nationality issue was quoted beyond context.

He added that anyone could be called in cabinet meetings, “even Donald Trump can be summoned in the in the cabinet meetings on the invitation of the premier”.


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