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Woman Lashes Out At Traffic Policeman For Speaking To Her In Punjabi

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A video showing a woman lashing out at traffic police officer for speaking to her in Punjabi has gone viral on social media. In the video, the woman can be seen yelling at a policeman and terming his action of speaking in Punjabi ‘indecent’.

Video went viral on social media today, showing a woman when stopped at motorway, started shouting at everyone, because an officer spoke to her in Punjabi language. “The officer said something bad in Punjabi language, he should talk to me in decent language,” the woman told a person, who called himself a crime reporter in the video. The women then started screaming at the reporter too for insulting her, however, the reporter was only recording her opinion on mobile phone.

The police officer, when asked about the incident, said he just told the women to not use mobile phone, while driving in Punjabi language.

Journalist Bilal Farooqi also shared the video on his Twitter handle, saying that we have produced a generation who is disrespectful and ashamed of its roots. While commenting on the rude behaviour of woman, he said “this woman found it offensive that a cop spoke to her in Punjabi.”

In the whole video, the woman has been found saying this is not a way to deal with women in a Muslim country, and women should be treated in a decent manner.

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