SC To Have First Woman Judge | Who Is Justice Ayesha Malik?

SC To Have First Woman Judge | Who Is Justice Ayesha Malik?
Justice Ayesha Malik is all set to make history after her nomination by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmad as a judge of the Supreme Court. If elevated, she will be Pakistan's first woman Supreme Court judge. The development has been welcomed by legal quarters as well as progressive activists.

Here is all you need to know about the Lahore High Court (LHC) justice who is now on her way to become an apex court judge.

In January, Justice Ayesha Malik issued a landmark judgement declaring the controversial 'two finger' virginity test for rape survivors illegal.

The verdict had noted that Medical forensic examination report should use appropriate language to describe the victim and her state and should totally restrain from commenting as to whether or not rape or sexual abuse has taken place. "The damage caused by such comments and use of words describing the woman as habituated to sex or regularly involved in sexual intercourse can have far reaching effects on the victim socially as well as mentally and personally," it said.

As a lawyer, Justice Ayesha often represented NGOs working for poverty alleviation, microfinance programmes and skills development initiatives pro bono. She also authored various publications. These include the 'Journal of World Investment', the '12th edition of the Global Report 2004 on the Independence of the Judiciary-Pakistan Chapter' and 'Pakistan Secular Laws'.

She was also involved in the 'Merger Control', 'Getting the Deal Through' and 'Regulation Global Competitive Review'.

Further, Justice Ayesha Malik put together the Supreme Court of Pakistan 1956-2006 Selected Cases published by the Pakistan College of Law to mark the 50th anniversary of the apex court. She also served as a reporter covering Pakistan for the Oxford Reports on the International Law in the Domestic Courts, which is published by the Oxford University Press.

She voluntarily taught English language and development in communication skills for several years at Lahore's Herman Meiner School. Between 1997 and 2001, she worked with Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim and Co, Karachi.