Lahore Policeman Arrested For Exposing Himself In Front Of Woman

Lahore Policeman Arrested For Exposing Himself In Front Of Woman

A policeman in Lahore was arrested over charges of flashing a woman and verbally abusing her in public.

Local police registered the case after a video of the incident, which took place in the Baba Jatt area of Bhagatpura, went viral on social media a few days ago.

In the video, the Shadbagh police official could be seen exposing himself in front of the woman who was sitting in the police van to protest against the alleged highhandedness of the police officials after they arrested two individuals.

In another video of the incident, the policemen were seen dragging the two men towards their van parked in the same street. The woman, who was apparently related to the two men, had entered the police vehicle to protest the arrest.

At this point, a policeman, who was continuously cussing, flashed his genitals. However, he was taken away by his colleagues immediately and the van drove away along with the woman.

Responding to the video of the incident, the official Twitter handle of the Punjab Police stated that the said official has been suspended from service on the orders of the police chief, Inam Ghani.

According to the statement, the police official -- whose name was not shared – will be dismissed from service and convicted as well. “What is a crime for others is a crime for a police officer too,” it added.