Karachi Bar Association Criticises Govt, Army For ‘Protecting’ Musharraf

In light of the government and army’s defence of General (r) Musharraf, who has been convicted of high treason, the Karachi Bar Association has issued a statement condemning the behaviour of the armed forces and government ministers, slamming them for protecting the former dictator.

The KBA has said that the government was solely concerned about defending and protecting a convicted criminal rather than doing its duty to prosecute and punish Musharraf.

The bar association has further said that the attorney general, law minister and other government ministers, who were supposed to prosecute a criminal were defending him.

Regarding the statement of the DG ISPR on the Musharraf verdict, the lawyers body said that such emotions were better expressed when Musharraf suspended the constitution and imposed martial law, or when he masterminded the events of May 12, 2007, when dozens of civilians and lawyers lost their lives.

The KBA has also said that it was unfortunate that provisions of the constitution were being quoted in defence of the former dictator, who himself had called the constitution a piece of paper to be thrown in the dustbin.

The lawyers body further expressed the hope that Musharraf would return to Pakistan and surrender to the court and file his appeal from the jail cell.

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