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Opposition To Hold Senate Secretariat Security Chief Responsible For CCTV Footage

Opposition senators Mustafa Nawaz Khokar from the PPP and Musadik Malik from the PML-N have informed the Senate Secretariat security chief that he will be responsible if anything happens to the CCTV footage of the upper house of Parliament. After multiple cameras and spying devices were found by these two senators in the voting booth of the Senate, the opposition demanded that CCTV footage from the previous day be provided.

For his part, the security chief for the Senate Secretariat clarified to them that such footage can only be destroyed if it is accessed – which so far has not happened. In response to questions from various opposition senators, the Senate Secretariat security chief has assured them that the CCTV footage is so far intact, and that no requests for access to it have been received up to the present time.

Advising the opposition senators to seek further clarification from the speaker of the house, the security chief assured them, “Sir, we are not a party to anything.”


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