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FBR Finds Justice Isa, Wife’s New Undeclared Account: Report

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has reportedly found an undeclared joint bank account of Supreme Court (SC) judge Justice Qazi Faez Isa and his wife Sarina Isa, which might create further trouble for the judge and his wife who are already facing cases pertaining to their taxes in the apex court. Senior journalist Rauf Klasra, in his vlog, spoke to journalist Zahid Gishkori who gave this update.

He added that the FBR says that this new account is not linked to the ongoing proceedings of the SC. Foreign transactions were also done through this Pakistan-based account. The board is therefore likely to file a case against Justice Isa based on this new information.

Gishkori further told Rauf Klasra that the account was declared by the judge in 2018, but the law making declaration of bank accounts mandatory came in 2014, which means it is sufficient grounds for a fresh case against the judge.

Last week, Justice Qazi Faez Isa, during the hearing of the case pertaining to his request to broadcast the proceedings of his case live, addressed Justice Umar Ata Bandial and said that one day he could be in his [Justice Isa’s] place. “It is not just me. They have prepared files on all judges,” he had told his colleague, Justice Bandial.


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  1. Akram Niazi March 22, 2021

    Judge Faez Isa versus Criminal Faez Isa
    Statements of Judge Faez Issa is clearing showing that he has lost his senses and trying to save himself by politicization of his case , and he does not know what is fairness and impartial behaviour., to save his skin from money laundering and corruption he is trying to use dramatic, deception, favoritism and sensational false statements like news paper columnists and commentators, which is obvious from his following statements.
    False statements:
    1) Government has said people are illiterate or jahil, while government has never said such thing.
    2) Government is taking Pakistan into Gutter, while most of the international organizations are appreciating government policies.
    3) He has said Quaid -e-Azam did not use to understand Urdu which is totally wrong.
    Unfair demands:
    1) Asking that his case and statements should be given media coverage on TV, but Prime minister should not be allowed to address the nation on TV.
    2) Asking that Governors and ministers should not issue political statements, but he is himself issuing political statements being a judge and during courts proceedings.
    3) He is asking everyone to work in his scope, but he is himself violating those limits, such as he has personnel conflict with prime minister, but even then, trying to become judge in cases related with prime minister.
    Use of favors and sectarianism
    4) He is asking he is fighting for judges, and asking for favor being a judge and as his father was a friend of Quaid-e -Azam, is this not the unfair use of relationship and designation, in fact being a judge, because he was not Jahlil he should be given harsh punishment for making money from people from their painful cases.
    5) He is saying in Bhutto case judges were under pressure, but he is not telling that case of murder against Bhutto was registered by is own party member and MPA for murder of his father., if penalizing a person for murder is a bad thing than why these judges are making money, these courts should be shut down.
    6) He is saying Zia was bad because he was bright minded Muslim, but he is not saying any thing about Yahya who was not less than a loafer.
    7) He is not telling that sectarianism is a bad thing but using his relations based on sectarianism for his protection.
    8) He is saying he is fighting for judges but is not telling that he is now under allegations for collecting money by unfair means, now he should not divert his case toward his designation but to his unfair collection of money.
    9) He is asking that judges and high-profile people should not be investigated and spied, so if no investigation and monitoring of all people then how a fair and just system could be established.
    10) He is saying judges and elite should have cover of protection but is not telling truth that due to these judges Pakistan has lost 6 billion dollars in Copper project case. and lost millions of dollars in Broad sheet case.
    11) Its very strange that during the case of rigging in senate election Judges asked complainant to make speech in dice and not in court but in Faez Issa case judges are allowing Faez Isa to use Courts for political speeches.


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