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Unexplained Deaths: Is Pakistan Hiding The True Coronavirus Death Toll?

The official data available on the deaths caused by covid-19 and other diseases or accidents has once again raised concerns regarding the true coronavirus death toll of Pakistan.

Journalist Secunder Kermani, correspondent of BBC News, posted a series of tweets on the official data he obtained on overall deaths, including coronavirus fatalities, in Lahore, Karachi, and Balochistan.

According to him, in June 2019, 1,744 deaths were registered in Lahore. While in June this year, 3,723 deaths were registered in the city, including 487 corona deaths. He quoted the burial data of Miani Sahib – the biggest graveyard in Lahore – according to which, out of total 1176 burials, 48 were died of covid-19.

The journalist while mentioning the data of Karachi, noted that according to the data obtained from 32 government graveyards, 2,375 people were buried in June 2019. In June 2020, the data shows that 3,594 people were buried, including 118 people died of coronavirus. He said that in June 2019, the bodies processed at morgues by Edhi foundation were 1,090. While in June this year, 3,064 (of which 813 official covid-19 patients) bodies were processed.

“We haven’t managed to get detailed data from other places, though registered deaths from Baluchistan also show a rise: February 2020 – 220 March 2020 – 261 April 2020 – 315 May 2020 – 667 June 2020 (excl Quetta) – 641 (Presumably this is rather incomplete given low figures),” he added.


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