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Minister Shibli Faraz Says Won’t Leave People Of Karachi At ‘PPP’s Mercy’

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Minister for Information Shibli Faraz has said that the federal government wouldn’t leave the people of Karachi “at the mercy of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP)”. The minister gave these remarks while commenting on the recent series of rain in the city that has caused a lot of damage and misery for those residing in the country’s economic hub.

While talking to media after the cabinet meeting on Monday, Shibli Faraz said that Sindh government has done nothing for the development of the province. “No attention has been paid to strengthening institutions and infrastructure in Sindh. The biggest incompetence of Sindh government is that it seems that there is no sewerage system in Karachi.”

He demanded the PPP led government in Sindh to immediately address the grievances of Karachi’s citizens. He said that the federal government will do whatever it can for the people of Sindh.

The Minister said the government is taking all possible measures to ensure provision of quality wheat flour and sugar at low prices. He said the country has sufficient stock of wheat and sugar, and “at present there is no issue of inadequate supply”.

Commenting on the flour and sugar crisis in the country, he said that the government is providing 16 billion rupees subsidy on the products.

“The private and public sectors have been asked to import wheat to meet the deficit of 1.5 million ton wheat. Moreover, the district administration has been directed to take strict action against hoarders of wheat and sugar,” the minister said.

Faraz added that the cabinet has approved constitution of a commission to enquire into the causes of shortage of petrol last month.

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