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Saudi Cleric Strongly Criticises Pakistanis For Violating Ban On Jummah Prayers

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A Saudi cleric Assim Al-Hakeem has condemned those violating the ban on congregational prayers in Pakistan. He noted that Muslims in Nigeria, Pakistan and India are defying the official restrictions placed in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. He said that they were trying to ‘be a Rambo’ by offering mass prayers despite the ban.

He went on to say that it was wrong, sinful and selfish [to pray at the mosques during the outbreak].

“Yesterday it was my second week praying Friday prayers at home. For 19 days, we are unable to pray at mosque. It breaks our hearts but Islam is not based on wills and desire, but it is a logical religion which is based on consequences of your decisions”, he said, during a sermon on TV.

On Friday, there were several reports of people violating the ban on Jummah prayers and going to the mosques. Maulana Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid led the Friday prayers in Islamabad and called on the worshipers not to maintain distance among them but stand close to one another while praying.

A policewoman in Karachi who went to a mosque where the violation of the ban was taking place was beaten up by a violent mob.


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