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Government Vows To Defend Musharraf In Appeal Against Treason Verdict

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The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government has announced that they will file appeal against the Musharraf treason verdict because it was unfair.

The Attorney General (AG) Anwar Mansoor argued in favour of the government and stated that the trial was an unfair one and no matter what the charges against an individual, they deserve a fair trial. He said that Musharraf was not allowed to make a statement which meant that trial was not fair and violated Article 342.

According to him, he is defending the law and not the person.

He continued by saying that aiders and abettors in the 2007 imposition of Emergency Rule should also be charged.

Pointing out a technical fault with the case, he also said that the Prime Minister can only file such a case and the case in question right now was filed by the interior ministry.

The Prime Minister’s aide on Information, while addressing the press, said that maligning the army like this is not in the interests of the country. He concluded by saying that we need to move forward instead of creating controversy between the institutions of the country.


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