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PU Cancels Degree Of Protesting Student From Viral Faiz Festival Video

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The Punjab University has cancelled the M.Phil degree of one of the main organisers of the Students Solidarity March, who was seen playing the drums during the awareness campaign for the march at the Faiz International Festival.

The student, Hasnain Jameel, took part in the mobilisation campaign for the Students Solidarity March at the Faiz International Festival. In a video that had gone viral on social media, where student activists are singing Bismil Azizabadi’s ‘Sarfaroshi ki tamana’, Jameel can be seen playing the drums.

Activist Ammar Ali Jan stated on Twitter that Hasnain, who was an M.Phil student of political science In Punjab University, has had his degree cancelled. He added that targeting Jameel was proof of the fact that the ‘corrupt university administrations’ were afraid of the emerging power of students.

Moreover, journalist Rabia Mehmood stated on Twitter that Hasnain was informed verbally about his termination and was never given a warning. He was also barred from entering Punjab University’s campus.

With the Students Solidarity March approaching, observers have said that university administrations were taking measures to prevent students mobilising for the march.

On Tuesday, the governor of the province of Balochistan had issued directions to the University of Balochistan to place a ban on all political activities and gatherings on its campus.


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