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Azadi March Participants In High Spirits Despite Tough Weather Conditions

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Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl (JUI-F) workers have stated that they are in high spirits and were ready to make whatever sacrifices were required from them despite the tough weather conditions.

Naya Daur interviewed participants of the Azadi March at their sit-in in H-9 Islamabad. Currently, participants are engaged in strengthening their camps in apprehension of the changing weather in the city. Participants could also be seen placing plastic covers on their camps.

Among the participants interviewed, no one complained about the problems of sleeping in camps at night, especially in this weather. They were in high spirits, and when questioned about the changing weather conditions, participants said that these were small problems and that they were ready to give huge sacrifices.

An Azadi March participant from Cheecha Watni, Osama, who was busy in buying warm coats, told Naya Daur that they were preparing themselves for any kind of situation. “Maybe, the quaid (Maulana Fazlur Rehman) asks us to go to D Chowk and we have to march there.”

In response to a comment about the JUI-F leadership going to their homes, leaving marchers at the venue of the sit-in, the worker said that the sacrifices made by the leadership were much greater than theirs, and if the quaid asked us to stay in Islamabad for a year, they would stay in the city for that period without complaining.

Moreover, 60-year-old JUI-F worker, Zareen Khan, in response to a question about the party leadership leaving them in the rain, stated that there was a difference between the status of the leadership and the workers, and the leadership had given many sacrifices for the party.

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Workers also narrated to Naya Daur that when it started raining heavily at night, JUI-F leader Maulana Rashid Soomro came to the camp to observe the situation. During his visit, one of the workers put an umbrella above his head. In response, Maulana Soomro asked him to remove the umbrella from over his head, saying that if his workers were in the rain, how could he remain protected. A JUI-F worker from Malakand stated that this act of Maulana Soomro boosted their spirits and they were assured of the fact that their leadership was with them.

Meanwhile, the Capital Development Authority has made medical relief camps in the area of the sit-in in anticipation of the spread of disease in the camp due to the changing weather and the large number of people living together.


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