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Meera Says Has ‘Great Respect For Malala’, Continues To Be Strong Supporter of Women

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Actor Meera defended her recent statement regarding Meesha Shafi in which she had called out the singer for accusing Ali Zafar of sexual harassment.

“I have always believed in the rights and amazing achievements of Pakistani women. Ali Zafar is a dear family friend and I spoke recently to show my support of him and his family. As I spoke emotionally in response to press questions I feel my statement may be misinterpreted,” the actor told Naya Daur.

Meera also clarified her remark that Shafi by using such tactics was hoping to get international acclaim like Malala Yousafzai, saying that she has great respect for the Noble laureate.

“I have great respect for Malala Yusufzai and in no way intended to take away from her courageous struggle or the international recognition she has received as the youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize winner,” she added.

The ‘Baaji’ star had said that Meesha wished to stay relevant and make headlines by alleging that Ali harassed her. “Anyone can get two seconds of fame after wrongfully using the name of a successful individual and Meesha has done the same by dragging Ali in this issue.”

The actor also praised Ali Zafar, saying he is a very talented and accomplished artist. “Meesha is in the wrong in this case,” she said.

In her statement to Naya Daur, Meera explained that she whilst she felt it was important to express support for a friend and colleague, she continues to be a strong supporter of Pakistani women.

“My film ‘Baaji’ is about how women have struggled for respect in this industry. While I will continue to support my friend in this instance, I want to clearly state that I and am sure many other colleagues will never stop fighting for women’s rights in Pakistan and in the Pakistani film industry. This has been my lifelong struggle and I will never give up,” the actor stated.




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