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Arif Hameed Bhatti Asked Insensitive Questions from Sahiwal Victim’s Daughter and Social Media Is Disgusted

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Journalist Arif Hameed Bhatti asked some extremely bizarre and insensitive questions from the daughter of those killed in the Sahiwal ‘encounter’ and Social Media is ‘disgusted’.

Here is the excerpt of Bhatti’s insensitive questions and the girl’s answers.

Bhatti: “So, where were you? Were your travelling with your parents too?”

Rija (victim’s daughter): “No”

Bhatti: “Where is your father at this moment?”

Rija: “He has passed away”

Bhatti: “Who killed your father?”

Rija: “I don’t know”

To ask such questions to a little girl, who has just lost his parents in the most brutal of ways is extremely uncalled for. It goes against basic human decency and is a grave violation of journalistic ethics and standards.

Social Media is outraged and is calling Bhatti’s actions ‘disgusting’

‘Sickened by the questions asked by this clown’

‘Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself’

People are also demanding a thorough and unconditional apology

‘Was not expecting such irresponsible behaviour from a senior journalist’

‘What’s wrong with Arif Hameed Bhatti?’

Bhatti’s actions are totally condemnable and he should apologize for his actions because he is just pouring salt in the wounds of a family that is already is a world of pain.

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