Meet Nadeem Afzal Chan's Mukhtara: 'Staying Home Saved Me From The Virus'

Meet Nadeem Afzal Chan's Mukhtara: 'Staying Home Saved Me From The Virus'
PM's Adviser Nadeem Afzal Chan has finally introduced us to his friend Mukhtara, who became a household name after a leaked audio of Chan having a conversation with him about severity of the coronavirus situation went viral on social media.

In the video, Nadeem Afzal Chan could be heard urging Mukhtara to stay home, using some slur words for emphasis.He also told him that the government was not telling the truth and the number of coronavirus cases is much higher than what is being reported.

A lot of memes were made on the leaked audio with people appreciating how concerned the politician is for his friend. The politician is also asked about his friend during his TV appearances and his followers had been curious to know who Mukhtara is.

And finally, the secret has been revealed. In a video posted on his youtube channel, Nadeem Afzal Chan introduced Mukhtara to his followers. "The lockdown has been eased after a long time today, so I thought of meeting Mukhtara and introducing you all to him", he says.

The video then shows Mukhtara, a man probably in his late 30s, who shared that he has been working with Nadeem Afzal Chan since 2007. He said that he acted upon Chan's advice and stayed in his hometown Hafizabad for more than 15 days.

He further said that he appreciated Nadeem Afzal Chan for explaining to him how serious the situation was and that he helped protect him from the deadly virus.

Mukhtara then says he realises how famous he had become after the leaked audio and said he was happy that this was being used for spreading the message about prevention against coronavirus. Nadeem Afzal Chan then asked Mukhtara if he had leaked the voice note that he had sent to him, but he denied and said he did not know how it happened.

Chan then said that he did not leak the audio either, but he did not have a problem if it was being used for the coronavirus awareness campaign.

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