Ammar Jan Moves PEMRA Against Haroonur Rasheed For Calling Him CIA, RAW Agent

Academic and activist Ammar Ali Jan has moved the Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) against Channel 92 and its anchor Haroonur Rasheed for levelling 'baseless allegations'.

In a tweet, Ammar said: "We have now filed a complaint with PEMRA against 92 News and Haroon Rasheed sb through our counsel @JAKalyar. Allegations of sedition have ruined many lives in Pakistan. We hope @reportpemra plays its role in ending such dangerous slander against citizens."

According to the application, the plea requested PEMRA to suspend the show indefinitely. It also asked it to direct the TV channel to issue an 'unconditional apology at the same time at which the offending programme was aired and with the same prominence as the original offensive programme was broadcasted'.

It further requested that PEMRA impose maximum fine allowed under Section 29 of the ordinance to deter the channel from repeating such reckless behaviour again and allowing its representatives to level false and unsubstantiated allegations against defenseless people.

It urged PEMRA to ask the TV channel to dedicate at least 5 per cent of their total duration of broadcast for airing such programmes in the public interest as mandated by S.20 of the ordinance.

Earlier, Ammar Ali Jan had announced that he will take legal action against analyst Haroonur Rasheed for calling him foreign agent working for CIA, NDS, RAW.

Rasheed, during a current affairs show on 92 News, had also accused Pervez Hoodbhoy of working 'against the interests of state since 1985'. He said that the professor has given several statements against the nuclear program of Pakistan, but didn’t even utter a word against India’s nuclear weapons.