Woman Arrested For Aiding Terror Activity In Karachi

Woman Arrested For Aiding Terror Activity In Karachi
The police have arrested a woman for allegedly aiding terrorist activity in a raid carried out in the Sohrab Goth neighbourhood on Saturday. Last month, they arrested members of a drug-dealing mafia in Karachi’s Soldier Bazaar area.

Malir Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) Syed Irfan Ali Bahadur commented that Shireen Gul, the woman in custody, along with her husband, harbored terrorists and secured safety routes for them. The couple had made a business out of selling and buying stolen items from robbers. The husband regretfully escaped during the raid.

Hand grenades, six kilos of hashish and stolen mobile phones and wristwatches are some of the items recovered from their house.

A case has been filed against the couple, and further investigation is being carried out on a priority basis.

Similarly, last month, the police dismantled a gang selling crystal meth, cocaine and heroin in Karachi’s Soldier Bazaar Area. The gang leader, along with four of his accomplices, including a policeman, was arrested. Through them, the gang’s connection with 15 drug dealers and numerous male and female drug peddlers was uncovered, leading to further arrests.

The police officials shed some light onto their marketing strategies, pointing out that Whatsapp was primarily used to reach out to students and well-off families. They would use their connections to sell experimental drugs at student parties.

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