Karachi Central Jail Has More Than 300 Coronavirus Cases

Karachi Central Jail Has More Than 300 Coronavirus Cases
Karachi Central Jail has reported 300 cases of coronavirus among the prisoners. Jail authorities had claimed to have taken all the necessary precautions against the virus, but the alarming number of COVID cases tells otherwise.

The quarantine facility set up in the prison has a capacity of 400 beds, but at the rate of the spread of the virus, that shall very soon be insufficient, according to a report in Express Tribune.

The jail administration, according to the sources has indicated that they are considering to shift the infected inmates to the Expo Centre isolation ward. The decision will be finalised after consultation from the home department. 

It has also been reported that more than a thousand prisoners are being tested for the virus every day at the Central Jail. 

Additionally, 20 staff members and a police officer have also tested positive for the virus.

Earlier, on May 11, the first prison case for Covid-19 was reported, and by 13, six more had been tested positive. The number jumped at 40 in three days from then. On May 16, Central Jail reported  204 cases and the nest day, 32 more. The rapid increase has been alarming.

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