The Only Girls' School In Hassan Khail Is A Tent


Education plays an important role in the development of a society and a nation. It is a fact that education from the very start of history is the only tool that helps a country develop.

It is also a reality that the developed countries of the world have been using a large part of their GDP on education which they think is the key to success.

The modern world has witnessed a huge shift in the progress of those countries which have achieved success through making education common, affordable and easily accessible.

On the other hand, it is also a bitter fact that there are some countries in the world which have a low education and literacy rate. There could be many reasons for it but the main reason is the location and geography of the country.

If we talk about Pakistan it is one of the few countries which faces many issues and threats as it is surrounded by its rival India, unsafe Afghanistan and Iran. This compels the country to spend more on the military and education then gets a small portion of the GDP.

Within Pakistan, there are some areas which have been ignored even by the state when it come to providing basics rights to the citizens of that area and  FATA is one of the few regions which is deprived of education.

According to a report, since the partition of Pakistan over 450 schools have been destroyed and demolished before, after and during the war on terror. The majority of the schools and institutions are still waiting to be rebuilt.

The Hassan Khail region of FATA was deprived of basic education and infrastructure. This was the reason why the region remained backward and the literacy rate in both women and men remained very low.

A primary school was established in the region in 1984 which was then upgraded to high school in 1990. It was used by a large population of Hassan Khail where four large communities were living and one school was not enough for the huge population of the region.

However, this is the only educational institute for the girls in the area and has suffered a lot after it was thrice demolished by terrorists in 2011. When the Pakistan Army arrived for the military operation, they used this school as a cantonment.

When the operation ended this school, which was a home to over 650 female students, was demolished and ruined by bomb blasts and military attacks.

The fact is that despite the security threat and unavailability of proper school buildings the girls of the region fought for their basic right to education and protested for getting a proper place to learn.

However, after huge struggle by female students and their teachers, the girls were adjusted in a boy’s model school. The school became overburdened and overcrowded so the male students staged a long protest and finally the female students were asked to evacuate the building.

As the female students left the boys school building, there was no way to resolve this issue as the government was not providing any attention to the infrastructure or rehabilitation of the demolished girls school. So, the women of the region were forced to erect a tent for getting the education.

While talking to NayaDaur, the vice principal of the school said that it was the only girl’s school in the region which was providing education to hundreds of girls. But the enemies of education destroyed this school and left the girls with no option but to study in a tent.

She further asked the government to rebuild the destroyed school of the region and demanded the availability of all facilities in the school. She said that despite their applications to the government no attention was given to this issue.

According to the students of the school the girls from tribal wanted to get education on every level and play a role in the progress of the country. They said that it was a wrong perception that the tribal girls are not supposed to get education, saying that they wanted to get equal chances like the rest of the citizens of the country.

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