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Urdu Mushaira Held Outside Cannoli Cafe To Protest Owners’ ‘Colonial’ Mindset

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After the video at Cannoli restaurant showing a staffer being humiliated by the owners for his English speaking skills went viral, an Urdu Mushaira was held outside the cafe — in a unique way to protest the owners’ behaviour.

The event page was created on Facebook to host an Urdu Mushaira outside the cafe on Saturday 23rd January at 7:30 pm. Many signed up at the event but most thought it was just a joke.

Turns out it wasn’t. A group of people gathered outside Cannoli cafe in Islamabad and partook in an Urdu Mushaira.

A video from the Mushaira is doing the rounds on social media where a man is reciting a verse while everyone else cheers him on. The cafe, however, was closed at the time of the event.


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Naya Daur