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Sacked Punjab IG Was Repeatedly Praised By PM For Action Against Criminals

The Punjab government on Tuesday removed Inspector General of Police Shoaib Dastgir after a reported rift between newly-appointed CCPO Lahore Umar Sheikh and the police chief.

Dastgir was appointed as the head of the Punjab Police in Nov last year with the approval of the prime minister. After his appointment, Prime Minister Imran Khan kept on singing the praises of the new police chief, who went after the ‘hardened criminals’ with no discrimination.

In a tweet posted in Jan this year, the PM lauded the IG for his action against criminals.

In another instance, the PM showered Dastgir with praises for going after the ‘mafias that are based in every district’. Congratulating the IG in a public ceremony in Jan, the PM said he put the ‘dangerous gangsters’ and ‘robbers’ on a leash.

According to the PM, these criminals based in almost every city were in cahoots with the previous political regimes, but he was pleased to see that Dastgir showed them no mercy and put them behind the bars.

The PM had lauded Dastgir, saying he was very happy with his one-month performance and was expecting that Dastgir would put an end to criminal outfits within the next few months.

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