'Bushra Bibi To Be Used To Minus Aleema Khan'

'Soon, Bushra Bibi will become an approver against his husband, Imran Khan.'

'Bushra Bibi To Be Used To Minus Aleema Khan'

The establishment will use Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) founder Imran Khan's wife, Bushra Bibi, to minus Aleema Khan from the politics of the country.

While speaking at a program on Naya Daur TV, senior analyst Muzamal Suharwardy said that Bushra Bibi was put under house arrest at her residence in Bani Gala instead of Adiala Jail because of the services she is providing to the establishment.

He said that even PTI leaders and workers are raising questions over the favorable treatment being provided to Khan’s wife.

The analyst also said that soon Bushra Bibi will become an approver against his husband, Imran Khan.

Suharwardy said that the entire top leadership of the PTI is an agent of the establishment, and it will deceive Khan. He added that they are all engaged in establishing their political careers.

He said that Khan has been sentenced to imprisonment in two cases so far, but neither Barrister Gohar nor Sher Afzal Marwat staged a protest even inside any bar room.

The analyst said that Khan wanted to hand over the command of the party to his sister Aleema Khan, but his wife Bushra Bibi opposed him.

While responding to a question, he said that Khan wants to boycott the upcoming general elections, but Barrister Gohar is not allowing him to do so. Khan’s political stupidity is beyond limits, he added.

While talking about the surge in terrorist attacks in Balochistan, Suharwardy said that Iran is supporting terrorism in Balochistan, adding that it is high time for Pakistan to decide whether Iran is a friend or enemy of Pakistan.

There are no safe heavens in Iran like Afghanistan, but still, terrorists are nourishing there and launching attacks in Pakistan, he added.

The analyst said that the banned outfit Baloch Liberation Army and Baloch march organizers are two sides of the same coin. They are getting support from India because Delhi is worried about the Khalistan referendum.