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Protestors Chant ‘Go Imran Go’ Slogans After PM’s Alleged Refusal To Remove CCPO

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Activists that had gathered at Lahore’s Liberty Chowk to record their protest against the rape of a woman on the motorway took a strong exception to the alleged remarks made by Prime Minister Imran Khan, wherein he defended the Lahore CCPO in spite of the latter’s insensitive remarks in the rape case.

The ruling party has denied that the PM made the statement, but the news channel who had reported the news stands by it.

PM Imran Khan is yet to issue a public statement about the motorway rape incident or controversial remarks by the Lahore CCPO for which he is being severely criticised across the country.

Responding to calls for the removal of Umar Sheikh from the post of CCPO, the PM said the Lahore police chief will remain in his post, as he was a ‘good police officer’.

The protesters termed the remarks by the prime minister disappointing, as they chanted slogans –‘Go Imran Go’ –against the prime minister and the police chief. They said the PM chose to ignore the fact that the remarks made by the city police chief hurt the sentiments of millions across the country.

They said the decision of the premier showed that he cared very little about the outrage that Umar Sheikh caused by his attempt to blame the victim for the rape.

One of the key demands of the protesters was the removal of Lahore police chief Umar Sheikh for trying to justify the rape incident that occurred on the motorway earlier this week.

Other demands included structural reform of police that focuses on accountability and transparency to the most vulnerable members of the community, immediate measures to improve the safety of public spaces without employing paternalistic measures such as curfews, and an introduction of victim and witness protection programmes.

The protesters also called for meaningful access to the legal system among other demands.

The protest was organised by Aurat March Lahore, along with Women Democratic Front (WDF) and Women’s Action Forum (WAF), supported by Haqooq-e-Khalq Movement and Progressive Students Collective. Similarly, protests were organised in various parts of the country organised by Aurat March Karachi, Aurat March Multan, Aurat Azaadi March, Siaasi Auratain, Besharam Baaghi Tehreek, and Tehreek-e-Niswan.

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