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Bilawal Says Contemplating No-Confidence Motion Against NA Speaker Over His ‘Bias’

Chairman Pakistan People’s party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto has said that he, in consultation with other political parties, is contemplating about opting for a no-confidence motion against the Speaker of the National Assembly for his bias against the opposition.

“I think the PPP will have to raise [the issue] with other opposition parties and it is about time that we may go for a no-confidence motion against the Speaker of the National Assembly,” PPP chairperson said as he announced to summon an all parties conference during a presser on Wednesday.

“This is because he [Speaker NA] doesn’t give the opposition the opportunity [to express their opinion] at the NA and remains one-sided.” Bilawal went on to add that “he runs the House for only one party.” This, he added, is not how things work in a democratic system, and we cannot debate Covid and other issues in such an atmosphere.”

He further said the members of the opposition parties are interrupted during a debate in the House, while those from the treasury benches are not. “We want the parliamentary system to run in an impartial manner and we want every democratic party to have the chance [to express its opinion]. We don’t want it to always be a show of the PTI.”

The PPP chief also said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is used to turn ever crisis into a catastrophe, saying he mishandled the coronavirus pandemic, petrol crisis, locust attack and other issues engulfing the country.

Regarding the latest aviation crisis, he said the ruling party wants to sell Pakistan International Airlines’ assets, in an apparent reference to a piece that the Cabinet was discussing a move to privatise a hotel owned by PIA-Investment Limited (PIA-IL).

“PTI is also causing the ongoing issues facing the country to worsen.” He went on to add that “not mafias, but the front-men of the government [have a role in the issues].”

Bilawal went on to say that Imran Khan is only a “PM of the social media of PTI, whereas we need an adult premier who can face the issues confronting the country.” We, he added, will continue to give a tough time to this puppet government,” he maintained.

He also said PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari is unwell but the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) wants him to appear before them. “This government wants the former president to get infected from coronavirus and die from it.”


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