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PM Imran Says He Is The Only ‘Choice’ Pakistan Has

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he is the only ‘choice’ Pakistan has so the ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will complete its five-year tenure.

The prime minister, while addressing the dinner served for PTI lawmakers and coalition partners in Islamabad on Sunday, said that the opposition that has ruled the country for over 30 years is criticising his government but only the PTI can change the state of affairs in the country. He said that opposition was making daily statements about the end of the government. “We aren’t going anywhere and will complete our five-year tenure,” he said.

The premier said that there were no differences within the ranks of PTI. While talking about the coalition partners of PTI government, he said that the allies would support the difficult decisions that have to be made in the most difficult situations. He said that the political allies have always been consulted in important decisions as they are an important part of the government, adding that their concerns will be addressed.

The prime minister also discussed the economic goals, difficulties and problems being faced by the country in the coronavirus crisis. He assured the members of the National Assembly of providing development funds and said that a ‘balanced budget’ was presented considering the current situation.


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