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LGS Fires 4 Teachers Over Allegations Of Sexually Harassing Minor Students

Lahore Grammar School (LGS) 1A1 has suspended four of its teachers following allegations of sexual harassment levelled against them by multiple female students who said that the accused had been harassing them for years with impunity.

The stories shared by the students generated outrage on social media with people demanding the administration to hold an inquiry into the matter after which the accused were terminated. However, students and activists have demanded that the administrations of schools and colleges should devise better mechanisms to deal with the cases of harassment rather than acting only when the institution’s ‘reputation’ is at stake.

Some students also accused Maira Omair Rana, who works at the admin office of LGS, of covering up and ‘victim blaming’. A student revealed that whenever girls complained to her, she used to blame the girls for harassment and chide them over their ‘revealing clothes’. “She even said to the victims that they should not come to her for their complaints.”

Social media activists have condemned the irresponsible behaviour of the schools’ administration and have accused them of protecting the harassers.


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  1. Dar Angle June 29, 2020

    Only fired??? Why not a case against these predators?? In any other country, they would be been jailed for life!!! I would request to the parents to file a case against these monsters and also against the school administration..


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