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Suspected Coronavirus Patient Commits Suicide In Karachi

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A 45 year old coronavirus suspected patient committed suicide from the third floor of Jinnah Postgraduate Medial Centre (JPMC) in Karachi. The patient was also reportedly a drug addict.

Dawn reported that the patient was brought to JPMC, from Landhi on Sunday night and shifted to the isolation ward. His X-ray showed that he might have been infected with the virus. The man is said to have jumped off the building’s third floor and sustained a head wound, but during the treatment for that wound, his body gave up. The doctors were unable to save him.

Reports from around the world suggest that Covid-19 positive patients in different countries have ended up killing themselves because of the anxiety around the virus. Earlier, a 50-year old coronavirus patient committed suicide by jumping off the hospital building he was brought into.

Local media in Thailand reported that there were 38 suicide attempts during the Covid-19 lockdown period, resulting in 28 deaths. While the lockdown has been somewhat successful in slowing the rate of new Covid-19 infections and deaths, it has also had a devastating impact on the economy

To prevent future suicides, the researchers propose the setting up of a hotline, to receive complaints from those affected and to address their grievances, before they become too desperate.


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