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Deputy Mayor Islamabad Opposes Corona Tiger Force, Terms It ‘Political Circus’

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ISLAMABAD: In a recent development, the Deputy Mayor of Islamabad opposed the formation of corona relief Tiger Force, terming it a ‘political circus’. He also said that this is the job of elected local body government in office.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also urged the youth to join the Tigers Force and support the government in its endeavors to fight the pandemic. This was widely debated in media. The opposition and called it a new controversy which will malign the struggle of combating the deadly virus in the country.The Deputy Mayor, Zeeshan Ali Naqvi, in a statement added that the formation of Tiger Force for supplying ration is a political circus which will never deliver any results because the government has no proper strategy for combating coronavirus.

Naqvi added that the local body structure is still functional in Islamabad and the elected have more information regarding who is more deserving in their territories hence they can deliver rightfully.

Deputy Mayor suggested that the government should utilize the services of the local body’s representatives in the Federal capital instead of an additional force that will be required to mobilize in a short period of time.


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