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PTI Govt’s Popularity Among Establishment Rapidly Declining: Sources

Amidst the incredible continuing speculation that a big change is due in Pakistan’s government and key posts, NayaDaur conducted an investigation into the matter. The speculation was further fueled by PTI allies speaking against the federal government and relative ease for opposition parties.

Two high profile sources who happen to be insiders in their respective circles have hinted towards the unhappiness of the top personnel in the powers-that-be on the other side.

A reliable and senior PML-N leader believed to be a close confidante of both Sharif brothers said off the record that some top personnel in Pakistan’s prominent power circles were not happy with Imran Khan’s government. Speaking to Naya Daur, they claimed that this was also acknowledged by well placed PTI insiders who were aware of their falling popularity and bad reputation amongst key pillars of the establishment.

On the other hand, a figure close to the high quarters of establishment, who is also considered a focal person in branding the country’s image all over the world said that major changes were expected in Pakistan’s government. This was because of deep seated dissatisfaction with the governance and delivery of current government.  The first change will come about in the Punjab assembly as the Chief Minister’s head could be the first one to roll. Speaking to NayaDaur, they said that this will gradually lead to a change in the federal government however no indication was given to the avenue with which it might occur. An in house change was not ruled out by this person, who spoke on the basis of strict anonymity.

It must be noted that prior to major changes in Pakistan’s set up/system, we have seen a change in public discourse and build-up of opinion against a sitting government. Take for e.g. 2016 when conversational discourse on television, social media and power circles had become extremely anti Nawaz. At the moment, the same is happening re Imran Khan’s government.




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