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Naqeebullah’s Younger Brother Seeks Public Support In Battle For Justice

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Alam Sher Mehsud, the brother of slain Pashtun youth Naqeebullah Mehsud, will now pursue his murder case in the court. Naqeebullah’s father Muhammad Khan passed away last month without seeing justice for his son.

In an interview with Soch Videos‘s reporter Fawad Hassan, Alam Sher Mehsud says he has come to Karachi from Waziristan for this purpose. “Naqeeb used to earn in Karachi and send money to us back home. After his murder, we lost our breadwinner and now we look after all the matters he used to handle himself.”, he says.

Mehsud says Rao Anwar had murdered countless innocent people which is why people stood for justice and supported their demands to hold Anwar accountable.

He further said that he has come to know that Rao Anwar still calls Naqeebullah Mehsud terrorist on media. “I want to ask him, are colleges named after terrorists? Does the army chief condole with the family of terrorists?. Are terrorists promised justice by government officials? Are the children of terrorists given free education?” he said.

Alam Sher urged the nation to extend  support to his demand for justice for his slain brother. “Without the public support, we are weak”, he said, adding that it would be a long journey because it is unclear as to how long this case will continue.

Naqeebullah Mehsud, 27, was shot dead by police during a raid on what they had described as a “terrorist hideout” in Karachi in 2018. Police’s claims of the slain youth being a terrorist were proved false after which the murder sparked protests across the country by rights activist mainly belonging to the Pashtun community. Rao Anwar, the notorious police officer of Karachi who has allegedly been involved in several cases of extrajudicial killings in the province, was said to be behind the murder.


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