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CJ Gulzar Orders Withdrawal Of Protocol After Social Media Backlash

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Following the Supreme Court’s direction to Punjab Police to escort Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Gulzar Ahmed on his way to Multan through a letter, CJP Gulzar has ordered authorities to withdraw the protocol given to him amid social media criticism.

Earlier, the Supreme Court had ‘penned’ a letter to the Punjab Police wherein all district police officers concerned were directed to escort him on his way to the Punjab city. Justice Gulzar is set to attend a seminar on the civic rights and duties of the state organised by the Multan High Court Bar Association.

A letter has been doing the rounds on social media in which the Punjab police district officers is directed to personally escort the CJP in their respective territories. Upon learning of the details of the letter, the top judge promptly ordered its withdrawal.

A fresh letter has now been written by the Punjab police regarding the cancellation of its January 28 letter. “However foolproof security may be provided to the top judge as per SOP to avert any untoward incident under intimation of this office,” the letter written by DIG Operations Punjab Police reads.

It is believed that the incumbent CJP is already facing immense security threats especially after his orders against builder mafias to remove encroachments in Karachi.

According to senior lawyers, the letter was deliberately leaked on social media to defame the CJP for who is giving a tough time to the executive on maladministration.


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