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PM Imran’s Nephew Hassaan Niazi In Hiding To Escape Arrest

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Police have carried out a second raid to arrest Prime Minister Imran Khan’s nephew, Barrister Hassaan Niazi, a day after a failed raid at his residence.

Police have tried to arrest the lawyer after they came under fire for not nominating him in the FIR regarding the attack on the Punjab Institute of Cardiology.

Hassaan Niazi was seen among the mob of lawyers engaging in violence at the Punjab Institute of Cardiology on Wednesday.

On Saturday, police carried out a second raid to arrest the Hassaan Niazi at a housing society near Raiwind.

Journalist Mansoor Ali Khan stated on Twitter that the lawyer fled before the police van arrived.

Meanwhile, social media users have engaged in a debate on who the lawyer is related to, with people criticising how the media is only mentioning Hassaan being the nephew of Prime Minister Imran Khan, and not that he is the son of a journalist Hafizullah Niazi, who is a known Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz supporter.

A Twitter user stated that the media that was branding Hassaan Niazi as Imran Khan’s nephew rather than Hafeezullah Niazi’s son was inherently dishonest and malfeasant.

Another user shared a report by Geo News and questioned if the media outlet would bother to say that Hassaan Niazi was the son of the ‘worst opponent’ of Imran Khan, Hafizullah Niazi, and not only the nephew of the prime minister.

There were others who called into the conversation Hassaan Niazi’s admiration for Imran Khan and him being a member of the ruling party’s student wing, the Insaf Students Federation.

A Twitter user said that Hafizullah Niazi may be a PML-N supporter, but his son was an follower of Imran Khan and one of the first members of the Insaf Students Federation.

Founding member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Fauzia Kasuri, tweeted that Hassaan Niazi was a founding member of the ISF and that it saddened her to see him being involved in the hooliganism at Punjab Institute of Cardiology.


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