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‘Calling For Humiliation Of Corpse Inhumane’: Social Media Reacts To Strongly-Worded Judgement

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The detailed verdict in the Musharraf high treason case was released today, with one of the judges directing law enforcement agencies to hang the former president’s corpse at D-chowk in Islamabad if he died before punishment. This aspect of the verdict has received strong reaction on social media, with people calling out the severity of the judgement while calling it shameful and inappropriate.

Lawyer Taimur Malik stated on Twitter that paragraph 66 of the judgement, which calls for Musharraf’s hanging at D-Chowk, was inappropriate, unusual and unfortunate.

Journalist Amir Zia called the punishment shameful and condemnable, and asked if this should be referred to as ‘judicial madness’.

A social media user said that this was one of the reasons why the death penalty should be eliminated, adding that it engendered a ‘horrific limitless bloodlust’. He added that for all his sins, the former president did not deserve to die.

Journalist Wajahat Kazmi stated that this was a new low.

One user, while calling this outrageous, said that this was absolute provocation and personal vendetta in the garb of an order. He further questioned that under what law Justice Waqar Seth had ordered Musharraf’s corpse to be hung at D-chowk.

Journalist Murtaza Solangi expressed the hope that the outrage against paragraph 66 of the Special Court resulted in the creation of a national consensus against the death penalty as it was demeaning and against human dignity.

Lawyer Saad Rasool said that the court had released Nawaz Sharif, sent Asif Zardari to hospital and had freed countless suspects of terrorism and espionage while it had ordered Musharraf’s corpse to be hung.

One user called out the severity of the judgement and asked if declaring Musharraf traitor was not enough.

Journalist Atif Mateen stated that public hanging was different but humiliating a dead body at a public place was going a bit too far.

Journalist Farzana Shah question if this was permitted under any law and if personal vendetta played any part in the verdict.

Journalist Muhammad Taqi stated that he disagreed with the ‘hanging at D-Chowk’ part of the verdict, but the rest was a befitting response to the army adventurists.


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