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We Won’t Allow Army To Become Controversial: Bilawal

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Pakistan People’s Party chairperson Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari has said that they would not allow the army to become controversial.

While addressing the opposition’s gathering in Islamabad today, Bilawal Bhutto, criticised the ruling government and said that the army was supposed to provide security during the elections, but instead it was deployed both outside and inside the polling stations.

He added that because of the role played by the army in the elections, questions had been raised both on state institutions and the polling process.

He stated that the army does not belong to a political party, but it belongs to the country, adding, “We won’t allow questions to be raised on the army and would depoliticise the institution.”

Bilawal told the crowd gathered that Imran Khan was causing pain to the masses by giving relief to the rich.

He asked rhetorically, “What kind of democracy is this? What kind of freedom is this? Even today, we cannot hold free and fair elections. Today, the people of Pakistan demand democracy.”

The PPP chairperson said that Imran Khan’s coming to power was not backed by the will of the people but was instead backed by someone else.


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