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Salahuddin Was Tortured To Death By ‘Unidentified Persons’ Outside Police Station: Sources

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Salahuddin Ayubi, the alleged ATM thief who died in custody, did not die due to torture inflicted on him inside the police station. He was taken by unidentified people from the station and was tortured to death outside the police station.

Sources on the condition of anonymity have informed Naya Daur that following his arrest, Salahuddin was taken from the police station to an undisclosed location by unidentified people. Salahuddin was not returned to the police station and his body was brought to the hospital by the said individuals. 

The family of Salahuddin Ayubi has pardoned the accused policemen on Tuesday. The accused including an SHO, an inspector, and some constables are currently on an interim bail.

Salahuddin’s family has reportedly asked the government to establish a school, lay a gas network, and rebuild a link road in Gorali in return for the pardon.

Government officials had assured Salahuddin’s father that two of the projects, the laying of a gas network and the rebuilding of a link road, would be implemented, following which Salahuddin’s father pardoned the policemen. Police officials and government representatives were present in the meeting in which the decision was made.

It has also come to light that some local influentials were also involved in convincing the family to pardon the accused.

Since the trial has started, it has been noted that the case is not receiving fair treatment. The hearings of the case have repeatedly been delayed due to lawyers’ strikes which were described as a delaying tactic. It was reported that one of the representatives of the accused is the president of the Rahim Yar Khan Bar Association, who gave the strike calls that delayed Salahuddin’s hearing.

The recent development raises the question as to why the government tried to settle the case and offer projects worth millions of rupees in order to save a few local low-ranking police officers.

It had earlier been reported in Roznama 92 Multan, published on 10th September, that during Salahuddin’s torture in custody, ‘non-uniformed officials were present’, who partook in the torture. The report also stated that the main accused in Salahuddin’s murder case was not even present in the police station on the night Salahuddin died.

Moreover, sources also informed Naya Daur that in the meeting in which Salahuddin’s father pardoned the killers, members of the banned organisation Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JUD) were also present. It was on the insistence of the representatives of the extremist outfit that Salahuddin’s father pardoned the killers, the source further revealed.


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