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Maulana Fazl Rejects PMLN, PPP Proposal To Delay Freedom March

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Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman, Amir of Jamiat-Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) has rejected the proposal of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) to delay his Freedom March and has announced that the march would be held in Islamabad on October 27.

Sources very close to Maulana Fazl told Naya Daur that PML-N tried to convince the JUI-F chief to delay his march till the end of November or December. However, Maulana Fazl told them that the reasons PML-N was putting forward were unconvincing and he would leave the decision to the Central Shura of his party.

“Convince me and I will delay the march and if not, then you should listen to what I say and join the march on 27 October,” Maulana told the PML-N delegation. 

The Central Shura, which met today in Islamabad, announced that the Freedom March will be taking place on October 27. When asked why the 27th had been chosen, the source said that this date is significant because Maharaja Hari Singh announced accession of Kashmir to India on 27 October.

Moreover, the source stated that Maulana Fazl told PML-N leaders that they should use their common sense that the very ‘people’ who were telling them to push him to delay the March, were sending him messages at the same time, asking him not to delay the March on Islamabad.

“What kind of politicians you are. Why don’t you use your common sense? If you let others make your decisions, then you should leave politics,” the source quoted the Maulana as saying.

The JUI-F chief also taunted the PML-N leadership that it did nothing for its jailed leader Nawaz Sharif. “You did not hold even one jalsa or a rally for your leader,” the source cited the JUI-F chief as saying.

In the meantime, Shahbaz Sharif met Nawaz Sharif but failed to convince him that PML-N should not attend Maulana’s March. “When Shahbaz Sharif said that his doctors have barred him from attending the March, Nawaz Sharif told him that Ahsan Iqbal will be leading PMLN’s team to attend the freedom march,” the source added.

Maulana Fazl has also set up a committee to meet foreign missions in Islamabad to dispel the impression that his March was one of religious forces, and in fact wanted to convey that it was a political gathering with political objectives.

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