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Justice Isa’s Counsel Requests Bench To Safeguard Judiciary

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Justice Qazi Faez Isa’s counsel has requested the Supreme Court bench hearing a petition regarding the presidential reference against Justice Isa to safeguard the judiciary.

The comments were made while a 10-member bench led by Justice Umar Ata Bandial was hearing a set of 17 petitions challenging the presidential reference against Justice Isa.

According to a report in Dawn, the bench turned down a request by Justice Isa’s counsel, Munir Malik, seeking a deferment of the hearing of his petition against the presidential reference.

The request by Munir Malik was for the hearing to be deferred for two weeks, but the bench instead adjourned the hearing till October 14.

Justice Bandial refused the plea saying that a member of the bench had to travel out of the country after two weeks.

The court is currently only hearing arguments regarding the maintainability of the petitions.

Attorney General Anwar Mansoor submitted his reply to Justice Isa’s petition today.

Munir A Malik argued in court that the attorney general’s reply does not address the point raised in the petition that the allegations against Justice Isa were based on malafide intentions.

Justice Bandial in his comments during the hearing noted that the case was one of its kind. Justice Isa’s counsel responded that the case was a trial of the entire judiciary.

Malik further argued that Justice Isa and his family members were spied upon, and all this began following a verdict which was disliked. Malik stated that after the verdict, a coordinated campaign was launched against Justice Isa.

Malik further stated to Judge Bandial that he wanted the 10-member bench to safeguard the institution.

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The verdict Munir Malik was referring to was seemingly the verdict given by Justice Isa on the Faizabad dharna, in which the Supreme Court had directed ISI, IB, MI and ISPR not to exceed their constitutional mandates.

A reference against Justice Isa was instituted in May accusing the judge of concealing his properties in the United Kingdom which were allegedly held in the name of his wife and children.


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