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Dubai’s Walk Of Fame Honours Atif Aslam With His Very Own Star

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Dubai recently unveiled its own Hollywood-inspired Walk of Fame and popular Pakistani singer Atif Aslam has received his very own star there.

The singer attended the official opening ceremony of The Dubai Stars which aims to honour exceptional personalities from different fields of life.

According to a statement issued by the platform, the singer is “one of the biggest singers in Pakistan. He was honoured with the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz by the government of Pakistan. He is best known for his powerful vocal belting technique”.

Speaking at the press conference for the platform, Atif Aslam said, “Music has always connected people and my music has always connected… people talk about their break ups, their make ups or whatever but then again they have been there with me throughout my journey and I’d like to thank all of you for that.”

Atif also shared his future plans and said, “On this platform, I see a lot of collaborations happening here because I was so looking forward to meet all these celebrities. I want to work in the field of music. I want to collaborate with them, get to know their culture, know about how beautiful they are.”


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