Did Not Call ‘Ertugrul’ Stars ‘Garbage’, Clarifies Actor Yasir Hussain

Did Not Call ‘Ertugrul’ Stars ‘Garbage’, Clarifies Actor Yasir Hussain
After an instagram story in which Yasir Hussan compared local and international artists went viral, Actor Anoushey Ashraf schooled the actor on how no on is garbage be they be a local artist or an international one.

In his instagram story Yasir Hussain had written, "Inko koi nahi poochega .Kyunke ghar ki murgi daal barabar or bahar ka kachra bhi maal barabar ." After Anoushey's response, the actor took on himself to defend his remarks. He clarified that he wasn't targeting the Ertuğrul stars, but was instead calling out the double standards that exist in our society when it comes to supporting local talent and appreciating foreign actors. He further went to talk about Pakistani's preference of a Japanese iron, Indian sari, and Australian cutlery as opposed to local ones. In the same comment, he told Anoushey to calm down and threw shade on her by saying as she speaks English and plays English songs in her shows, she won't understand all this.
"Magar apne sari zindagi Angrezi boli or Angrezi gaanay bajaey apney show pe. Aapko samjhaana thora sa mushkil hai."

Shooting back at Yasir Husain, Anoushey called him out for implying that she's not 'Pakistani enough.'
"It's okay if he thinks I misunderstood him. But for him to insinuate that a fellow Pakistani isn't Pakistani enough because she speaks English or uses a Japanese istri  - isn't entirely fair."

Ending her comment she urged people to not bash the actor just because he holds a different opinion.
"Please do not disrespect him. We cannot abuse, run down and speak like this to our own artists. In his opinion, he's looking out for local talent that doesn't get the work it deserves."