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Woman Being Threatened By ‘Influential Elements’ For Seeking Justice For Slain Parents

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RAWALPINDI: A young journalist is in hiding as she peruses the murder case of her father and mother, who were allegedly killed by the woman’s relatives in March and August respectively.

Nazo Shinwari, a writer and journalist, is currently seeking refuge from those who murdered her parents and are allegedly backed by influential elements including a Senator, whom Shinwari did not wish to name.

While talking to Naya Daur, Nazo said that her parents had been murdered at the behest of her step-brothers, uncles and their sons, as they were involved in a property dispute.

The property in question, both residential and business, belonged to her father, who had given the property to her mother as Haq Meher. Ever since the property was given to Nazo’s mother, her uncle and step brother had disputes with them regarding the matter. It was due to constant quarreling and threats that Nazo’s family shifted from Peshawar to Rawalpindi.

But even after moving to a new city, they kept facing life threats and ‘fake FIRs’. According to Nazo, the perpetrators even tried to acquire the property through fake documents and even challenged the Nikahnama of her parents.

In March 2019, the victim’s father intended to have his wife’s name added as the property’s owner instead of him in the Government Land Register (GLR). Just a few days before that could happen, he was shot outside his house. He later succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

Nazo claims that the perpetrators threatened at the hospital in the presence of police, but the officials remained unmoved.

Killed For Demanding Justice For Slain Husband:

Nazo’s mother took the lead in fighting the property disputes and to get justice for her slain husband. The victim’s step brothers had a fake FIR registered against the family.

Nazo says that her brother was arrested under trumped up charges.

She further told Naya Daur that during one of the hearings before her mother’s murder, her step-brother threatened her mother and her to back off.

Nazo further claimed that she was advised by the judge to reach a compromise with the perpetrators.

On August 17, Nazo’s mother was on her way back from a meeting when she, along with her driver, was shot to death. Police informed Nazo that the vehicle which was involved in the murder belonged to her step-brother and was even recovered from his hujra.

Following her mother’s murder, Nazo went into hiding. She has written to police officials, the prime minister, the chief ministers, and even the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) CM, but to no avail.

She also wrote to Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari, whose only response was that she should seek refuge in a women’s shelter.

Perpetrators Using Influence To Manipulate Court Proceedings

Nazo also said that the perpetrators are financially strong, and are using their influence to interfere in court proceedings. She said this was evident from the fact that the court, despite being aware of the threat to her mother’s life, rejected her requests to postpone the hearing, and asked her to appear before the court “no matter what”.

More importantly, she said that she had been informed by police that a senator from Peshawar was backing the perpetrators and had even went to CPO Rawalpindi’s office to threaten police officials.

She also said that the perpetrator’s financial and political strength could be gauged from the fact that her case file has been stolen from the office of the regional police officer at the Rawalpindi Civil Lines Police Station.

Nazo said that her uncle, Muqarab Khan, is the mastermind behind these acts, and her cousin Abdul Rehman, and step-brother Asad are behind what she has gone through.

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