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Respecting Constitution Binding On Those Receiving Salaries From Taxpayers Money: Justice Isa

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ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court (SC) Judge Justice Qazi Faez Isa said on Saturday that respecting the constitution was compulsory for those who are receiving their salaries from taxpayers’ money.

Addressing an event at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) in Karachi, Justice Isa said that Pakistan was created 72 years ago without a war.

Talking in connection with the independence movement, he said that Pakistan was created by ideological people who were able to convince others to join them to achieve the impossible.

He also said that the founders of the nation had also provided a framework on the basis of which to sustain and safeguard the independence of the country.

“That framework is called the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which makes it clear that the country was born free,” the judge told the gathering.

Justice Isa said that Muhammad Ali Jinnah had made it crystal clear that Pakistan was developed on the basis of democracy.

He also said that the constitution clearly states that protecting democracy in the country is the duty of each and every citizen. “The integrity of the state would flourish if we continue on the democratic path,” he added.

Further, Justice Isa said that it was the duty of the superior courts to provide basic human rights to all citizens. “If the state encroaches on the rights of citizens, the judiciary must intervene,” he added.

He said that history clearly showed that if state institutions exceed their constitutional authority then the basic rights of people are always affected.

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Talking in connection with military dictatorships, Justice Isa said that a large part of Pakistan was lost in 1971 because military rulers were exercising power over the entire country.

“The role of the judiciary is to ensure that that state institutions worked within their constitutional limits. If any institution oversteps its limits, there is always a danger to the sovereignty of the country,” he added.

The SC judge said that enemies of the country could exploit a situation to their benefit where the voice of a single person suppressed the voices of the entire nation.


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