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Family Forgives Man Accused Of ‘Rape Attempt’

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LAHORE: A man involved in a ‘rape attempt’ has been pardoned by the family of the victim girl after the suspect’s family offered a minor from their side to settle the dispute.

The incident occurred in Burj Kalan area of Kasur where the girl had gone to purchase buttons. On her way there, a barber sexually assaulted her after which she started screaming. The screams alerted the locals and they publicly thrashed the barber after rescuing the girl.

The victim’s age is seven years while the minor offered in return is six years old.

“This minor is the niece of the accused and you can rape her to keep the crime balanced,” the suspect’s family members said in a bid to resolve the issue. They said that the victim’s family can either rape the minor or forgive the suspect for his crime.

One of the victim’s family member, while responding to the offer, said, “We are not animals that we will try to commit the same act with the minor as has been committed by your family member.”

The family of the victim then pardoned the suspect and said that God would decide the case on their behalf.

This was not the first incident of its kind in Kasur where such heinous activities have taken place in the past as well.



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