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Pushto Singer Nazia Being Pressured To Forgive Brother Who Raped Her Daughters

Renowned Pushto singer Nazia Iqbal is being pressured by her family members to pardon her brother, who is guilty of raping Nazia’s two daughters.

Nazia took to Social Media last week to shame her brother who was found guilty of sexually assaulting Nazia’s daughters. A Rawalpindi district court sentenced Nazia’s brother, Iftikhar Ali, to death on two counts and Rs600,000 fine.

The Pushto singer termed the decision a step towards the right direction. “Truth has prevailed and justice has been served. Verdicts like the one about my brother serve a bigger purpose of keeping the future of young girls in our society bright and safe,” she said.

But ever since the court sentenced Iftikhar, Nazia’s mother has been begging her to pardon her brother. In a video message, she shared details regarding family pressure. While some users lauded her for her courage, others ridiculed the singer for bringing a ‘bad name’ to her family.

“I did what every mother should do. At least now mothers, daughters and sisters will be careful about not just the people they meet and greet but also their immediate family members,” she said.

The singer also said that she had fought a long and tedious battle in courts for justice and wants every mother to stand up against beasts wandering around the city.

On April 25 last year, Nazia registered a complaint against her brother at the Rawat police station, for sexually abusing her daughters for months. Her brother had also threatened to kill her if they exposed him.



  1. Hamidah Fawad May 1, 2019

    Stick to your guns lady. He deserves the death penalty. Do not bow down to pressure. Your girls deserve justice for what was done to them. And your mother should be standing by you and not your brother. Stay strong

  2. Muhamad Alassad May 4, 2019

    We all make mistakes this is why we must have faith in Allah that justice will prevail.
    She should pardon this poor man who’s already been embarrassed enough.

    1. Aaniqa June 10, 2019

      Lakh lanat


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