People Helping People- Providing Water to drought-hit village Lalo Tar

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People Helping People- Providing Water to drought-hit village Lalo Tar

The Holy month of Ramazan also requires us to care for the less fortunate living around us. That is exactly what People Helping People (PSP), a non-profit based in Michigan, aims to do. The NGO aims to provide water to the people of Lalo Tar

a drought-hit village in Thar, Sindh.

This village is about 5 km from the Indian border comprising mainly of Muslim and Hindu population. The residents of the village were finding it hardtodraw water from a depth of 250 feet in the scorching summer heat.

The villagers would use a camel or four donkeys to draw water and those without the excess of these animals were often left without any water at all.

To help those in need, PHP installed a solar summer pump, so that the families could access water. Residents of the area have expressed their gratitudeto PHP for their much needed help and humanitarian work. This was People Helping People’s story

What are you doing this Ramazan?

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