Citizens Forced To Drink Contaminated Water As Lower Sindh Hit By Acute Water Crisis

Citizens Forced To Drink Contaminated Water As Lower Sindh Hit By Acute Water Crisis
Various areas of lower Sindh have once again been hit by a severe water crisis due to the drastic decrease in the flows of water at Kotri barrage. The reports gathered by Naya Daur Media revealed that most parts of Badin, Tando Mohammad Khan, Thatta and Sujawal districts have been without adequate supplies of water even for drinking purpose, due to which residents have been forced to drink contaminated water from lakes, wells and ponds, thereby risking their lives.

Leaders of various farmers' organisations believe that the officials of both Sindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority (SIDA) and irrigation departments have failed to ensure just and judicious water distribution in the canals of Kotri barrage particularly of its left bank.

Mir Noor Ahmed Talpur, the chief of Save Badin Action Committee, a body formed a few years back to agitate the water crisis in Badin district, told Naya Daur Media that officials are responsible for the mess. "The authorities, despite less water allocations, have miserably failed to ensure the just water distribution in most of the canals of the Kotri barrage," he added.
He demanded the removal of director Sida and other officials, who according to him, instead of providing the water as per the indents were busy in diverting the flows of water towards the lands of the influential figures even at the time people were not being provided with water for drinking in the tail-end areas of the coastal districts of Sindh.

Mr Talpur deplored the fact that people living in the devastated coastal belt of Sindh were being forced to drink contaminated water for the past many months. He said that they were in constant contact with the leaders of various other farmers organisations to launch an effective protest movement against an acute water shortage after Eid. He said that it was the matter of the shame that officials after failing to ensure the just water distribution were issuing the baseless statements to hoodwink the farming community as well other people, who were voicing their deep concerns over the aggravating situation.

Hizubullah Mangrio, the spokesperson of Sida when contacted, told that all canals of Kotri barrage were facing more than fifty per cent shortage due to unavailability of the water in the system. "We are, however, trying our best to release water in the canals as per the need of the drinking water and for the irrigation purposes in all the canals emanating from the barrage,"he added.